Mediterranean Civilisations Research Institute

The Mediterranean Civilisations Research Institute explores the Mediterranean as a whole and in a comparative way by making use of a wide academic range covering history, archaeology, epigraphy, numismatics, sociology, social anthropology, literature, folklore and architecture. The MCRI promotes the consideration of all of the material and spiritual cultural products of the Mediterranean Civilisations, the collection of national and international archival documents, the compilation of all kinds of visual / auditory information from written and oral testimonies and the research of the scientific data obtained from the said materials through publications, education, exhibitions and the internet.


The Mediterranean Civilisations Research Institute publishes CEDRUS, an interdisciplinary journal for scholars of Ancient, Medieval and Modern history who study the cultural-historical development of the Mediterranean Basin from the perspective of the historical geography of Turkey. CEDRUS aims at presenting original and scientific works to an academic audience by contributing to the dialogue of scientists from different disciplines and by updating and extending existing knowledge. CEDRUS is an internationally refereed journal and published annually.


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